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Fortnite surfaces from 14-hour downtime with building and ADS bugs, applies PC patch

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Epic wait.


In preparation for its v2.3.0 update, Fortnite: Battle Royale nipped offline around noon UK-time yesterday. Behind-the-scenes database issues meant it didn't return for 14 hours, and when it did, it came bearing bugs tied to reloading, key binding, building UI, and untoggle-able ADS (aim down sight).

"Whoops! Some bugs were introduced with this weeks patch," said Epic in this forum post. "We’re aware of these and working hard towards a fix. We will update everyone once we have more information on when that fix is coming."

A minor PC patch has since been rolled out that targets key bindings on AZERTY/FR keyboards, while Epic expects to resolve the remaining issues over the course of the day. 

As for the update itself, it addresses a host of other bug fixes—not least the accuracy of grenade arcs, which will give my wayward aim no excuses from hereon—and introduces the new Chug Jug consumable. Here's how that looks:


And here's Epic on what it's all about: "Low HP? No Shields? Enemies all around? Give yourself a fighting chance with the all-new Chug Jug! Find a safe place to Chug this Jug for 15 seconds and gain max Health and Shields."

Check out update v2.3.0's full patch notes this-a-way. 

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